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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

While attorneys are often skilled litigators, good attorneys recognize that their business is to keep you, the client, engaged in your business and not in court battles, spending needless resources on costly litigation.

Who We Are?

As a team of legal professionals in Tacoma Washington and throughout Pierce County, we have seen first hand the benefits of solving disputes in a peaceful and cooperative environment.

ONPOINT Is Our Solution To This Process

We work hard to create an environment where cooperation is encouraged. We use a work-live space which offers several different settings so we can help bring your party to a mutual 'YES'.

OnPoint Dispute Resolution works hard to help you get the best possible results in the following practice areas:

Who benefits from dispute resolution?

Because early resolution and cost control are in the client's best interests, seasoned litigators regularly use alternative dispute resolution methods (“ADR”) as a primary means of resolving civil disputes.
ADR methods can range from simple, informal negotiation and settlement conferences to private and court-ordered mediation and binding arbitration.  At OnPoint, we help parties in conflict get to “yes.”  Dispute resolution, rather than litigation, is our primary focus.  We listen, we strategize, and we solve, using ADR methods to your best advantage.
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  • Very Reasonable

    Jason did yeomen's work to help resolve the case, working several days after negotiations broke down in order to get a deal acceptable to all. Very reasonable fees when compared to JAMS et el. Read On

  • Experienced - Highly Recommend

    Jason Whalen is an experienced and very capable mediator. He assisted me in complex litigation related to a real estate dispute, and I observed firsthand his skill in discussing the finer points of the case with the attorneys and clients. I intend to seek out his help in the future, and I would n... Read On

  • Highly Recommend

    “Recently I represented a client in a difficult case, where the parties did not expect the case to settle prior to trial - at the request of the judge, we pursued mediation. OnPoint came to the mediation thoroughly prepared, having a comprehensive understanding of the facts and the legal issues ... Read On

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At OnPoint Dispute Resolution, we focus on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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