James M. Marshall

Retired Pierce County Superior Court Commissioner James M. Marshall graduated, cum laude, from  the University of Puget Sound School of Law (now Seattle University)  in 1976.  He practiced first in King County and then Pierce County until 1989 when he was appointed a Commissioner in Pierce County Superior Court until retiring in August of 2009.  Most recently, he was managing attorney of the Yuma, AZ office of Community Legal Services.  He served in this capacity for nearly six years.

He has been an active mediator since 2009 and most recently completed a forty hour mediation training presented by the Arizona State Attorney General'  Experience includes Probate, Guardianship, TEDRA, Family Law, Boundary Disputes, and Commercial Lease Issues.

Most recent training was a forty hour Mediation Training presented by the Arizona State Attorney General.  He attended The New Judicial College presented by Gerry Spence.

He has been a pro tem Commissioner in King County Superior  Court and continues to frequently serve in Pierce County Superior Court.

Commissioner Marshall is now available for mediation and arbitration assignments.